The piercing eyes of an Alpha male are a trait that comes after you’ve had a long life at the top of the hierarchy. For well-practised Alphas who have known their superiority from a young age, it comes as second nature. That hungry, cocky, confident gaze; staring their lessers right in the eye and communicating a message to that primitive monkey brain that says “I’m better than you and You know I’m better than you. Hand over your bitch and stand down.”

When faced with matters of dominance and superiority we all revert back to beasts relying on the adrenal response of fight, flight, freeze or fuck; and depending on your actions it acts as a pretty reliable indicator for where you land on that Hierarchy.

  • Alphas will fight, either literally or figuratively, resisting the implication that they are in any way lesser to any one. Some *cough* weaklings*cough* will fly, unable to take the competition and scout out new territory. Some particularly powerful Alphas will even want to Fuck, recognizing that superiority and wanting to tame it and make it a part of their own experience.
  • Betas will fly or freeze, knowing what’s good for them and either running away with their tail between their legs. Or maybe they’ll play dead in the hopes that their superior might take pity on them and keep them around as an amusement.
  • Fags, the archetype not just the mere concept of gay guys, will freeze because they simply don’t know how to handle such superiority in their pathetic little heads. Or they will want to Fuck, going primal and submitting to their natural place on the hierarchy in order to serve and be served in symbiosis.

Therefore, every sharp, focused look acts as a challenge and each averted eyeball in the gym or faltered staring contest in the office another victory that sends the Alpha’s head spinning; reaffirms what he already knows, and shoots him closer and closer to the Apex.

The Alpha looks down on all of creation in the same way a King would look down on peasants, or a wrathful God would look down on a world that has not paid its share in worship and sacrifice. Contempt, Lust, Self-satisfaction at his own superiority.

But for budding Alpha’s just fulling realizing the extent of their power and supremacy over the world it can come as a shock to recognize how potent their eyes are. All of that rushing confidence, dominance and sheer predatory power flooding through their veins changes the way they view the world. It becomes more about “What do I want?” “What can I take?” “How can I take it?”. That hunger and lust charge their sight with a subconscious heat that they can feel as they survey their quarry; be it a sexual conquest, a goal in mind, or even themselves.

Young alphas whose gaze is so potent. They just stare and people crumble. Blushing babes not even fully cognizant of that primal animal effect of eye contact. Weaker bro’s who spill their guts and all of their juicy secrets and desires as if under an interrogation.
Older men who who nominally are higher up the ladder, paling under the intimidating prospect that their time is up and now the new generation is here to speak.
And some of these Alpha’s don’t even know the power they possess, oblivious to their own intensity.

But others around them can feel that heat and it turns their gaze into a wildfire, hungrily consuming everything around them, till the heat rises and all anyone can do is submit to that potent scrutiny.

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