The Alpha derives all pleasure from his own superiority. The pure perfection and absolute supremacy feeling like a constant intoxicating glow that goes to his head and lights a fire in his chest. That godly body, chiseled and carved like a work of art from perfect genetic stock. The mental dominance and power that gives him the attitude and personality that demands worship, submission, and Tribute. That undeniable aura of Cocky self-satisfaction that can be felt by everyone in his presence. A pulsating, throbbing energy that speaks silently to every inferior and says “Fuck, you wish you were me.”.

An Alpha’s every action feels like pure erotic enjoyment. The Divine birthright coursing through his veins and giving him an almost psychedelic experience that could never be felt by lesser beings. That recognition manifests itself in the cocky smirk, the piercing eyes, The pump, the flex; every action screaming “I know I’m superior and I love every second of it.”

The worthless worms of the world would try to bring down the Alpha’s Godhood by ascribing to him certain traits. “Selfish” “Self-Centered” “Arrogant” “Narcissistic”

But those words are music to the ears of a God. Reclaimed slurs that they can take pride in because they know they deserve to be as cocky and powerful as they are. They’ve worked for their bodies and their attitudes, or better yet, been born into greatness and chosen by fate to rule the world.

A god cares not for the opinions of an ant. Their insults bring him pleasure. Every utterance sending shivers of sensuous electric energy up his spine and giving him something to think about later while he fucks your hubby.

Its addicting honestly, the cockiness and narcissism providing a better high than any other drug. The endorphin rush to his brain making him crave more; More muscle, More domination. More worship and tribute from lesser beings, Till it gets to the point where even when they are bringing pleasure to others, Railing some faggots mouth or breeding another bimbo slut, they are really doing it to enhance and confirm their own supremacy.

Every moan of pleasure, every scream of ecstasy. Every hole bred and left behind, leaking with superior seed, simply acts as a testament to his domination. His power. His natural alpha superiority.

All those sluts and cumdumpsters nothing more than holes to make him feel good.

That power and glorious pleasure concentrated to such a point as to become toxic. But the Alpha relishes that toxicity bordering on psychopathy, those basic, pitiful pleasures become banal for him and he seeks out progressively more. increasingly intense experiences, anything to sate that Interior God complex. Not giving a shit about the consequences or feelings of inferior cunts. His pleasure is all that matters.

And that knowledge is the ultimate pleasure of an alpha. The thing that truly gets him going and sets him along a dark path that few are capable of conceiving.

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