The goading cockiness of an Alpha should be used without restraint. The taunting self satisfaction at one’s own superiority. Because an Alpha knows they are great and they know how to use that greatness to get what they want.

Take the example of this peak specimen. The automatic and well practiced sweeping flex of his biceps, those round impressive peaks that he knows he’s either worked for or been blessed with through his natural(or not so natural) superiority. The clenched jaw and focused eyes that pierce through everyone watching him (and he knows everyone is watching him). And then sticking his tongue out, the final jovial insult to the worthless beta’s who have doubtless been oogling him this whole time. A prodding spur in the sides of the weak that say “You fucking wish you could have this”

That is the purpose of Godly arrogance and cockiness; it does double duty. It sticks in the minds of the weak and forces them to doubt themselves, to lust and envy and resent your superiority, acting as a system of control because they know they will never measure up to you and that maybe..just maybe..they should submit and acknowledge your superiority and their place on the hierarchy.

But it also acts as a glowing hot prod to any other Alphas or would-be alphas in sight. Something that crawls under the skin of those with the potential for greatness and whispers sweet nothings into their ears like a foul temptress saying “Come on bro, what the fuck are you doing? You’re lagging behind. You’ve gotta catch up or you’ll be just as bad as the worthless betas”. Something to kick their asses in gear and get them on the path to greatness.

But an alpha has no fear of the improvement of others, because by the time they reach your status you will have long ago ascended to absolute Godhood. But at least they can take your place and the cycle can start anew.

That’s why you Alphas have to show off your superiority. It’ll reinforce your own power while making your brotherhood stronger. And after all, is there anything more important in this world than those two things?

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