In the time that I’ve been working on my files and growing my Abyss I’ve experienced many instances like this. Boys who come crawling into my inbox begging to serve, longing to show off their hard work and their dedication to becoming muscle pups or growing bulls. Even all the Gods and the douchebags that I set on their journey pay deference to the Abyss that opened their eyes.

It’s amusing, I’ve gotten used to so many names and titles ‘Bro’, ‘Sir’, ‘Master’, ‘Daddy’ even though in most cases those boys are years older than me. Each of those titles suggests respect and submission in their own way. I never ask for them. I always insist that people call me whatever makes them most comfortable. And in none of my files have I ever suggested submission to me specifically, or implied that this is necessary. Although I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love every second of it. So what does that say?

I think it implies that the Abyss, My words and suggestions, earn respect. They earn submission so that all these good boys mindlessly and instinctually know what to do. That’s the sign of a good subject, isn’t it? Innate and instinctual reaction to their hypnotist’s words. Paying tribute to the hand that feeds them. I’ve had my own power and effect described to me in so many ways I’ve lost track of them all. A dull fuzziness all over their body whenever I talk to them that grows into a mounting arousal. A subtle comforting warmth like they can trust me and be cared for by me. A mind-fucking addiction that washes over them and has been slowly sending them mad since their first file. Every subject is different. It’s even better when, like in the case of this dumb slut, they come begging and crawling, eager to expose themselves and prostrate themselves before the Abyss, despite never having listened to the files themselves.

Seems like they automatically know what’s best for them. You can see it in their eyes, that desire to serve and to sink deeper into my training. They know that tribute to the Abyss will make them feel so fucking good. And after all, that’s what makes it worthwhile for me; Making people feel good.

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