Astonishing what changes a year can bring; how just a short time using his Bro’s files and having his mind rearranged for growth could result in such a massive realignment of his life. It was the subtle changes in himself that he adored the most.

The confidence and sureness with which he held himself now that he had the physical and mental power to dominate the room.
How his nipples had slowly started to point downward as the heaving mass of his pecs would soon be too impressive to see over.
The way shirts that hung loose over his humble frame just a year ago now strained against the breadth of his shoulders and back threatening at any moment to go threadbare and split apart exposing his body for all the world to see and admire.

  It was that intoxicating mixture of Muscle-bound reality and fantasy that now consumed his mind. Never before in his life had the line been so blurred, the muscle growth fantasies of just a few years ago turning into the visceral, physical, orgasmic reality of the present; it finally seemed like he could have everything he ever long as everything he’d ever wanted involved muscle and growth. That wasn’t nearly as big a restriction as it was last year, hell it wasn’t a restriction at all; it was a challenge, practically a dare taunting him and goading him on more and more in this battle…and he was winning!

Everyone had fallen into cycles and rhythms during the past year, but where most people’s involved a steady stream of anxiety, Bad television, and social media. His had consisted of an almost perfect cycle of Waking up and checking his progress in the mirror, Flexing and almost losing himself in his own love of muscular perfection. Hitting the gym and  working out so hard that the pain of the pump came full circle into an afterglow that was better than every time he made love combined. Flexing and letting it send shivers down his spine. Eating to make his body grow and then going to sleep to rest his muscles for the next cycle. The only reason he even bothered dragging himself into work was to pay for the supplements and gym fees that fed his habit, like a Junkie desperately jonesing for any way to scratch that itch and fuel that addiction.

He had no passion for his work, he only had a passion for growth and muscle. He knew deep down he would do absolutely anything to get bigger and sate that Lust for Growth. Every once in a while as a little treat, a present for hitting the next milestone in his development, he would go back to the Bro that started it all and regale him with fantasies and desires that could be turned into reality through his words and suggestion like the alchemists of old turning lead into gold.

The sum he paid was a pittance for everything he had received from it, all of the pleasure and mind-boggling brilliance he had flooded his brain with for a year, and he knew in his heart of hearts he would pay as much as was needed to make his fantasies a reality.

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